My Story: Vohn and Tami Martineau

Building Success Around Five Busy Boys

Vohn and Tami Martineau of Gilbert, Arizona, have five boys ages 11 and under, so growing a business takes some planning. “I was introduced to the products by a friend, and found help with my depression,” Tami says. “Our second son, Gray, has autism. I put him on Reliv and over the next five weeks, we saw dramatic results — and he has continued to thrive.

“I started telling people about my experience, and right from the start we began earning $200 to $400 a month,” Tami continues. “The income grew to $2,000, then $4,300. We recently made Master Director, and earned more than $8,400 part-time that month. We are so excited about our future.”

Working in the Cracks

And just how can a mother of five find the time to succeed? Tami explains, “Doing something every day for your business is essential. My goal is to do five things a day to bless our business — consistency is the goal. I’ve learned how to put Reliv into the ‘cracks’ in my day, those five- minute periods we all have, no matter how busy we are. That’s the key to building the business around small children.”

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  1. I’m a new distributor, I have an active son who is on the Spectrum. I’d like more information on how Reliv can help my son. He is currently in off season football.

    1. Welcome to Reliv! One of our product experts will be reaching out to you regarding your question. Thank you!

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