My Story: Vohn and Tami Martineau

Building Success Around Five Busy Boys

Vohn and Tami Martineau of Gilbert, Arizona, have five boys ages 11 and under, so growing a business takes some planning. “I was introduced to the products by a friend, and found help with my depression,” Tami says. “Our second son, Gray, has autism. I put him on Reliv and over the next five weeks, we saw dramatic results — and he has continued to thrive.

“I started telling people about my experience, and right from the start we began earning $200 to $400 a month,” Tami continues. “The income grew to $2,000, then $4,300. We recently made Master Director, and earned more than $8,400 part-time that month. We are so excited about our future.”

Working in the Cracks

And just how can a mother of five find the time to succeed? Tami explains, “Doing something every day for your business is essential. My goal is to do five things a day to bless our business — consistency is the goal. I’ve learned how to put Reliv into the ‘cracks’ in my day, those five- minute periods we all have, no matter how busy we are. That’s the key to building the business around small children.”