My Story: Vince and Terri Cedrone

Stumbling Blocks Become Stepping Stones
Vince and Terri Cedrone, Key Directors from Montgomery, Alabama, are building a future with Reliv because they just won’t accept anything short of success. “About 15 months ago, a friend introduced us to Reliv,” Vince says. “We became Master Affiliates because we saw the results neighbors were getting with the products.”Working very part-time (their insurance agency kept them busy) Vince and Terri began to see business results last October — results that continued to grow into this year. “My second upline, Ambassador Trinity Vandenacre, came down from Montana and taught us how to work smarter,” Vince says. “I owe him a lot.”

Vince began using the “Three Foot Rule.” “Anyone who comes within three feet of me, anywhere, anytime, I talk to them about Reliv! Everyone is a prospect.

“You’ve just got to refuse to quit, and avoid negative people,” he continues. “If you hit a stumbling block, make it a stepping stone! Our goal is to replace the income from our agency and work Reliv full-time, and I’m hoping we’ll do that by the end of the year. The rewards of helping people get their health back, their lives back, is just such a high. Terri and I want to do this for the rest of our lives!”