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My Story: Tom and Eva Curtin

Excelling With Reliv

As owners of the Martial Arts Center for Health since 1992, Reliv Ambassadors Tom and Eva Curtin of Mt. Dora, Florida, have seen the detrimental toll that financial stress can take on a person’s health.

“Just like an injury or illness, the constant worry over financial issues wears people down and weakens them in mind, body and spirit,” Tom states. “With Reliv, we have the unique opportunity to both address people’s nutritional needs and help them achieve prosperity in their lives.”

The Curtins never recommended a product to their students before Reliv but, because of the “amazing results” they saw with the products, they became Master Affiliates in February.

“It was by attending the Reliv Master Affiliate Training School a week later that we learned how to lead with the business and duplicate our efforts in others… applying the Reliv System and following the lead of our upline,” Eva says.

The Curtins since have advanced to Key Director, then immediately to Master Director, and on to Ambassador — earning a profit of over $15,000 and a trip to Bermuda — all within their first three months with Reliv.

“Like martial arts, success with Reliv requires relationship-building — based on respect, mutual trust and a commitment to helping others achieve their goals,” Tom notes. “We believe wholeheartedly in our future with Reliv and the powerful impact it will have on all the lives we touch!”

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