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My Story: Teresa Paris

Initial Reluctance Gives Way to Big Payoffs

Key Director Teresa Paris from Tucson, AZ had tried a few multi-level marketing companies in the past with no success. “In previous MLMs I always spent more money than I made, so I was skeptical when a family member encouraged me to sign up with Reliv.”

After her sales job was downsized, Teresa got focused on building her Reliv business. “I was doing four or five appointments every day, working my way to Master Affiliate.” After the disappointment of a small first check, Teresa refocused. “I dug in my heels and my business got hot and heavy. I ended up coming in first place in the nation that month!”

She attended her first Master Affiliate Training school in June. “They called my name out so many times for recognition, I started to get embarrassed!”

Highly motivated and driven to succeed, Teresa hopes to make Senior Director soon. “Sometimes when you work for yourself, you work harder than you work for others,” she says. “I set out to accomplish goals every day. Some days are better than others, but I am amazed at how well this business has worked for me.”

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