My Story: Sheryl Whipple

Vacation Trip Launches a Business

Sheryl Whipple of Woodlands, Texas, knows BUSY. Yet the mother of eight children who home schooled for 20 years and worked part-time as a nurse, found time for Reliv and now reaps the benefits as a Senior Director. After Sheryl and her husband, Peter, attended the Reliv International Conference in July 2005, there was no stopping them.
In August 2005, the Whipples loaded up the car and headed toward Utah to visit their daughter. Along the way, they started sponsoring new Distributors in every city where they knew someone. “We had lots of friends on the route, so we turned it into a business trip,” Sheryl says. “I’m not afraid to talk to anyone because I’m so excited about these products and the business. If you know you have something good, you can’t keep it to yourself.”
The first year in business, the Whipples earned about $20,000. Sheryl worked her last nursing shift in September 2006. Peter plans to scale back his work hours and eventually work Reliv full-time with Sheryl. “We’re both 51 and we will have two sons in college when we’re in our mid-60s,” Sheryl says. “Now we don’t have to worry about how we’ll pay for that.”

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