My Story: Rosanne Henrickson and Noah Sacksteder

Name: Rosanne Henrickson, Noah Sacksteder
Hometown: Menomonee Falls, WI (Rosanne) Phoenix, AZ (Noah)
Current gigs:
Reliv, Advertising sales (Noah)
New product opportunity:
“I knew 24K was something I could market to my peers: busy professionals and young families. So I decided to join my mom in Reliv,” Noah says.
Following mom’s footsteps: “I want the best for my son, so I’m excited about his future. Noah can have the same freedom I’ve had in Reliv!” Rosanne says.
Getting social:
“Social media is changing how people view network marketing. I’m pleased to see Reliv engaged on platforms like Facebook and Twitter,” Noah says.
Cruisin’: “This year I’m going on the Reliv Disney Cruise with my husband, but I look forward to the day when Noah earns a Reliv trip and we all go together!” Rosanne says.

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