My Story: Pam Albin

Businesslike’ Approach Makes the Difference
Key Director Pam Albin’s enthusiasm and belief in Reliv hasn’t diminished since she started the business in 2005, but her approach has become more organized and business-like, and therefore, more successful.
“I have a passion for helping people,” says Pam, who lives in Boulder City, Nevada. “My husband, Bill, had such great results with the products that I feel I have a moral obligation to share it with others. I think I’m called to help people understand that they are not alone. That’s what Reliv is about, so for me, it’s a perfect fit.”
For the first two years of her business, Pam didn’t want to be perceived as “selling” something. “I was sort of piddling, treating Reliv more like a hobby than a business,” she says. “But I’m able to reach so many more people by organizing myself like a business person.”
Pam is setting aside specific times to make calls and putting names and goals down on paper. She has designated work space and a white board with scripture written at the top, as well.
“I’ve definitely increased the number of people I reach,” she says. “And my business is growing as a result. With the Lord’s help, I want to be a Presidential Ambassador.”

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