My Story: Michelle and Micky Cosgrave

A Family Business

In January 2006, Senior Directors Michelle and Micky Cosgrave of Orlando, Florida, took a big step. Micky stopped operating his travel agency and started pursuing Reliv full-time. “I sold my motorcycle so we could afford to requalify as Master Affiliates,” Micky says. “It was a tough decision, but now I wonder what took me so long.”

With their renewed efforts, the Cosgraves’ business flourished. In June, they finished first in North America with $45,000 in sales and made $9,300 in all forms of income. “We started to share the Reliv business opportunity rather than just selling the product,” Micky says. “That’s when things started rolling.”

Among the many people who have recently launched Reliv careers thanks to the Cosgraves are their children, Devin and Jessica. “We have become much closer through this experience,” Michelle says. “We recently went on a family cruise together — something we had wanted to do for years. We spent a lot of time on that trip planning what we were now going to do with our lives. Reliv has become a family business.”

In July, the Cosgraves were recognized for their success on stage at the International Conference. “It was a great experience,” Micky says. “It reminded me that I was also part of the Reliv family. It’s a business like no other.”

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