My Story: Luz Trujillo

You Grow When They Grow

For Senior Director Luz Trujillo of Omaha, Nebraska, success is hinged on making sure others are happy. “In order for me to have a steady check from my Reliv business, I need to know my people are happy and productive,” she says. “They need to feel supported by their upline.”

This straightforward plan is at the heart of Luz’s growing success. She’s had her Reliv business for less than two years, works about 20 hours a week, and already her highest check has been $3,500. “I’ve had other businesses before, but with Reliv I’ve seen great results,” she says. “It’s really nice to get a check every month from doing something I like.”

Initially, Luz considered the Reliv opportunity because she wanted her husband and her mother to enjoy the health benefits. “Shortly after I started my business, I saw that the business plan was something I could follow,” Luz explains.

Make it Work
She acknowledges there have been challenges, just as there are with any business, especially at the beginning. “But you can’t give up,” she counsels. “Reliv works if you work.”
To Luz, working her business means two simple things. “First, you’ve got to be a Reliv consumer so you can be a walking testimonial,” she says. “And second, never
forget that your success depends on others being successful. You grow when they grow.”

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