My Story: Lourdes Hinojos

A Better Person, A Better Lifestyle

“Before my Reliv business, I had two jobs,” says Senior Director Lourdes Hinojos of Omaha, Nebraska.

Thanks to Reliv, things have been changing for this single mother of three. “During a divorce, I think most women fall apart,” Lourdes says. “I have been able to pull through thanks to Reliv — something that has been a source of pride for my children.”

She’s also been able to spend more time with her family. Now that her Reliv monthly income averages between $2,000-$3,000, Lourdes was able to leave one of her jobs.

“In May, I made about $3,500, and that’s only working my business 10 to 12 hours per week,” she explains. At this pace, she expects to complete the next phase of her dream by the end of this year — to retire from her second job to dedicate herself full-time to Reliv.

The benefits of her Reliv business aren’t just financial. Lourdes says, “I’m a better human being and my lifestyle has improved — I have my own home and a new car. I want a better life for my children and me. I want to teach them to be responsible, and Reliv sure makes that easier!”

Another important factor for Lourdes is that she can have a positive impact on the Hispanic community. “One of the things that most attracted me to Reliv is that it provides an opportunity for better health and more income, and to help the Hispanic community,” she says. “That makes me feel useful and optimistic.”