My Story: Larry and Jolynn Morris

7 Kids, 5 Jobs, Zero Time

Before Reliv, Larry and Jolynn Morris of Spring, Texas, held down five jobs between them to make ends meet for their family of nine. Larry had two side businesses in addition to his full-time job as a food broker: lawncare and vending machines. Jolynn taught piano and offered childcare.

“It felt like we were running a large corporation,” Jolynn says. But the family needed money: they had as many as three children in college at once. Jolynn’s schedule didn’t leave time for the twice-monthly migraines she suffered. And when her newly-married son, also a migraine sufferer, found relief with something called Reliv, she felt too busy to find out more. But a Reliv conference, coupled with the chance to see her first grandbaby, sounded appealing. At that conference in San Francisco, Jolynn was deeply moved by the stories she heard.

“That’s when the whole thing went from my head to my heart,” recalls Jolynn, who called her own mother from the conference to tell her about what she’d discovered.

Jolynn started laying the groundwork and says she heard a lot of “no’s,” but she just kept on talking to people and things took off. She’s earned three Dr. Ted plaques, and thanks to their work with Reliv, she and Larry worry less about the future. “We really see this as a vehicle for us,” she says.

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