My Story: Kirk and Katie Leadbetter

Business Bounces Back

Senior Directors Kirk and Katie Leadbetter of Anchorage, Alaska, know firsthand how resilient a Reliv business can be. “For a long stretch, life events prevented us from fully operating our business,” Katie explains. “Yet somehow it stayed intact. Now that we’re able to devote more time, things are booming!”

Although they became Distributors in 2002, the Leadbetters’ business took off after an event they hosted in 2004. “Some successful Distributors came to Alaska to help build a System here,” Kirk says. “That’s when we really saw what the Reliv opportunity could mean for us. Not long after, we made $5,000 in just one month.”

Later that year, personal events forced them to step back from their business for an extended period. From what they had already built, however, they still received checks averaging about $1,200 every month. They also stayed in touch with their “extended family” at Reliv.

Sharing With Passion

The Leadbetters rededicated themselves in November 2006. A month later, they earned $4,500 in all forms of income and don’t plan to stop there. “Kirk is a wonderful provider for the family, so it isn’t really about money for us,” Katie explains. “The Reliv products changed our lives, especially when our son was having severe health problems. We have a true passion for sharing it.”