My Story: Juanita Jachetta and Kent Taylor

High-Flying Opportune Moment Leads to Exciting New Growth

Senior Director Juanita Jachetta of Warden, Washington, and 6-Star Key Director Kent Taylor of Frisco, Texas, are an example of how just a single conversation with one person can build incredible new momentum in your organization, impacting both your lives — and the lives of countless others — in a significant way.The two struck up a conversation while sitting together on Juanita’s flight home from the Reliv 20th Anniversary Conference.

“Within just 20 minutes of talking with Juanita, I was seriously considering joining Reliv,” recalls Kent, who earns a substantial six-figure income as a corporate management consultant. “A week-and-a-half later, after reviewing the Success from Home magazine and listening to a couple of 3-way calls, my wife, Rosemary, and I became Master Affiliates, without even seeing the products.

“Since then, we’ve seen great results with the products among several members of our family — including our two-year-old grandson, Hyram,” Kent continues. “Hyram’s speech has improved so much since he’s been on the products, his speech therapist is now handing out Reliv brochures to others!”

“The fact that I was able to be a part of impacting the life of this child who lives states away — that is what touches me most about this business,” Juanita adds.

Kent has since used Success from Home as a primary tool to sponsor eight Master Affiliates and generate $45,000 in volume during September. He finished first in the nation in both sponsoring and PGPV, earned a Dr. Ted Plaque, a Dr. Ted Humanitarian Award and $5,500 in bonuses during his first month in the business.

“In 30 years as a management consultant, I’ve never before seen such a spectacular business opportunity as Reliv,” Kent states. “By helping others, we can also help our family with the products and opportunity, and then pass on the business to our eight children.”

Juanita — a busy mother of three, who also works both as a social worker for children and the sole guardian of a hearing-impaired woman — earned a Reliv income in September of $4,100, along with a $500 bonus.

“It is an amazing blessing to see all that is happening within my organization,” Juanita states “I really can’t wait to see what our future holds!”

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