My Story: Jess and Larse Askeroth

A Solid Foundation

Key Directors Jess and Larse Askeroth of Parowan, Utah, take health matters seriously. Jess is a semi-retired chiropractor and Larse has spent several years working in his office. So when a friend introduced them to Reliv in February 2006, they were skeptical.

“I had my professional reputation to consider,” Jess says. “I researched every part of Reliv, joined in conference calls, e-mailed the company — anything I could to learn more. Every answer I received was direct, logical and in-depth. Both the products and the business are as solid as it gets.”

When the Askeroths first started their business, things didn’t progress immediately. “I thought my own ‘sophisticated’ methods would improve upon the Reliv System,” Jess says. “Once I wised up and went back to the already proven approach, our business took off.”

The Askeroths made over $40,000 in personal volume in their first full month (March 2006). “We just started telling people our story,” Larse says. “It’s been wonderful. I wake up every day excited about the opportunity to change people’s lives.”

“I am confident we will help more people through Reliv than we ever did with our chiropractic practice,” Jess says. “There is not a better company out there.”

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