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My Story: Gary Nurse

Compelled to Share
Gary Nurse of Ajax, Ontario, Canada, was getting such great results with the Reliv products that he naturally began sharing them with his family and friends. Before he knew it, he was building a business.
“During my third month with Reliv, I generated 11,000 in volume and had several Distributors under me,” Gary says. “I was number one in Canada that month, and earned a $1,000 bonus check.
“After that, I just kept going,” continues Gary, who now is a Key Director, working Reliv very part-time around his upholstery business and his job with the public transit system. “I now earn between $2,000 and $4,000 per month in all forms of income with Reliv, and was recently awarded a free hotel room at the Reliv International Conference for being third in the nation in Canada in volume over a two-month period.”
For Gary, it’s much more than the checks and bonuses that keep him operating a Reliv business. “What gives me the greatest satisfaction is knowing I’m part of this greater mission to Nourish Our World,” he states.
“I’m helping people get their lives back,” Gary continues. “And the ‘checks from the heart’ I receive as a result are by far my greatest reward!”

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