My Story: Gabina Molina

Finding the Strength Within

Senior Director Gabina Molina from Atwater, California, left a part-time job to dedicate herself to Reliv a year ago. In doing so, she also left behind the shy, insecure woman she used to be.

Now Gabina works her Reliv business around her family and faces life with an open heart. “I have become a woman I didn’t know I could be,” she says. Gabina focuses on helping other people find their strength and live their dreams as well. “I want to help other mothers so they can go back home to their children without having to stop earning money and feeling successful,” she explains. “Never underestimate anyone. The person we least expect is often the one to achieve and give their all.”

Undoubtedly, Gabina knows what she is talking about. Her September commission check was $3,700. “It’s an enormous satisfaction for me,” she says. “Having to be mother and father for my kids, to be able to offer them a better lifestyle, and show people — especially women — that a woman can have the strength, brains and courage to support her family, that she can have an honest job that will allow her to be better, while being able to help others improve themselves too.”