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My Story: Faithe Michaels

Conference Inspires New Distributor’s Success

Key Director Faithe Michaels became a Distributor in February 2010 after seeing how her family benefited from better nutrition. “We started on the products for wellness and prevention. We all started feeling really good and had more energy, and I noticed we weren’t getting sick as often as we had the previous year,” she says.Faithe took a fast track to success. She attended a Tuesday night meeting and a Saturday training in the same week. Just one week after that, she attended the National Conference in Phoenix and was inspired to build her Reliv business.

“Oh my gosh, the conference was amazing! Everyone in the room wants to help other people. The way the company is run and the integrity is amazing,” Faithe says. “One of the things I really like about conference is that all of the speakers are from the company. It is so much more effective than having an outsider come in to speak to us because they can relate to Reliv and they know what the company is all about.”
As a newer Distributor, Faithe finds the support from others to be very encouraging, “So many people with different backgrounds and from different walks of life love what they are able to do with Reliv. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful community.”

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