My Story: Elisa Petree

“The Hope is Real!”

Six-Star Director Elisa Petree of Arden, NC, became a Distributor 11 years ago to get discounted products for her family. When the real estate industry fell through, Elisa and her husband Tim, a general contractor, lost their building business.

Elisa had attended Opportunity Meetings, but says it “never clicked” until she needed the income. “Turning to Reliv as a business was a no-brainer. The funds helped out significantly because they paid for the products my family consumes,” says Elisa. “Despite the extreme stress, my family was able to stay healthy and have a sense of well-being.”

The Reliv business was the perfect way for Elisa to work part-time and bring in some much-needed funds. “My first month as a Master Affiliate, I earned a sponsoring bonus and in total income made $1,400! That gave me a shot of hope!”

Elisa has continued with her Relìv business part-time since September 2007, and Tim now has a commercial sales job. They are slowly getting back into financial stability, and Relìv has been there the whole way. Elisa adds, “Relìv has facilitated a lot of personal growth and I’ve become a better leader.”

Elisa advises, “This business can be anything you want it to be. Don’t ever give up. The hope is real!”