My Story: Dennis Dominiack

Connecting Dreams With Needs

Key Director Dennis Dominiack, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, did not want to hear about Reliv, despite a very persistent friend who tried for two years to share it with him.

“I knew he was going to try and hook me up with some network marketing thing,” Dennis recalls, “and I just didn’t want to get involved.”

Dennis had two successful businesses already and a busy young family. But the friend’s persistence paid off. Diagnosed with throat cancer last year, Dennis credits Reliv for helping him recover from radiation treatments.

“I know I’m not getting off this product,” he says. And after hearing the stories of many others on live calls and through presentations, he’s convinced others will feel the same way.

“I never realized how many people suffer from health problems,” he says. “And just as many have financial troubles. I started thinking about all the people I know, and where do I start?

“My wife, Julie, and I have always shared a dream of helping people,” Dennis continues. “I believe if a person has a dream and that dream is from the Lord, it will have a connection with the needs of other people. We know that Reliv is our future. It’s going to be Reliv that takes us there, and it’s because of the way the business intertwines with other people.”

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