My Story: Deb and Rich Riolo

Finding the “Right” Business, Getting out of Debt

Key Directors Deb and Rich Riolo of Grand Rapids, MI, tried in vain to get out from under crushing debt… and then they found Reliv.

“Deb was an at-home mom for ten years and together we tried to supplement our income by looking at and trying half of the network marketing companies available,” Rich says. “But during this time, credit card debt, living expenses and school tuition costs kept us from getting ahead. Even after Deb went to work, we couldn’t keep up with the monthly bills.”

The Riolos’ daughter, Rachel, was complaining of a headache one day at softball practice. A teammate told her about Reliv shakes. That teammate’s mother was Senior Director Cheri Deering, who invited the Riolos to learn more about Reliv. “Of all the network marketing companies we had tried, it was two teenagers on a softball diamond who finally found the right one!” Deb says.

“Since we started this business in 2000, we have made a profit every month and have paid off our debt of $150,000!” the Riolos say. “If you think you feel good just using these products, you’re going to feel even better getting ahead through the business.”

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