My Story: Cory and Jennilee Bird

Reliving on the Ranch

Senior Directors Cory and Jennilee Bird of Townsend, Montana, were able to expand their ranching business with income from their Reliv business.“Before I started with Reliv, I knew more about salt licks for horses and cattle than I knew about nutrition for humans,” Jennilee says. She learned more about nutrition when she saw her own positive results on Reliv. “I experienced fewer aches and pains, headaches and allergy symptoms with the proper nutrition in my body.”

As horse dealers, ranchers and trucking company owners, the Birds are no strangers to hard work. They’ve incorporated Reliv into their array of business ventures by applying the same strong work ethic they need on the ranch. In fact, they’ve been so successful, they recently purchased a second herd of cattle with their Reliv earnings.

Jennilee says the key to their success has been to continue sharing Reliv with more people and to focus on helping their customers and Distributors. “I love to hear the stories of results people are getting and knowing that we played a part,” she says. “It has really been phenomenal!”

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