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My Story: Chris and Karin Ederer

Team Reliv is healthy for my business

Senior Directors Chris and Karin Ederer of Ham Lake, MN, have been using Team Reliv to get themselves and their business healthy!

“Team Reliv gives us resources we can share with prospects, like the Facebook page. I appreciate the fitness tips and research,” Chris says.

“By documenting my workouts through the Team Reliv Exercise Club, I stay motivated to exercise more than three hours per week. I also set my own goal to do the highest impact activities,” Chris adds. He was able to reach his target weight and build muscle with the help of Reliv. “My friends and family have said things like, ‘Chris, you are really ripped!’ and I know Reliv has made it all possible.”

The transformation has made Chris a walking advertisement for Reliv products. “Team Reliv is healthy for my business,” Chris says. When people ask him how he stays fit, it provides the perfect opportunity to tell them about Reliv nutrition. “Recently, a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in 30 years, made a comment on how healthy I looked. I told him about Team Reliv, and he said ‘I want what you’ve got!’”

“Team Reliv gives us accountability. Our customers and our organization are seeing tangible results and increasing their activity levels.”

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