My Story: Carol Schilleman

Overcoming Fear to Become a Business Builder

With the reassurance of a money-back guarantee, Carol Schilleman of Melbourne, Florida, decided to try Reliv. “Having had two knee surgeries to repair a torn meniscus, I was not able to go for walks. I missed this because I had once been a runner. Once I got healthy with Reliv, I was able to go three miles in a cancer charity walk!” says Carol. “I told everyone, and they were interested in trying Reliv too. So I went back to my friend who shared it with me, and she invited me into the business.”

Carol came in as a Quick Start, initially with some fear, she admits. “But I had most of my products sold before the order even came! I thought ‘Why not go for the 30 percent?’ So I put in another order. It was sold in two weeks!” Carol kept increasing her order until she was a Master Affiliate making 40 percent. As Carol shared, her customers began to ask her about the business too. Soon she was signing up new Distributors and building her organization.

“Six months later I have seven Distributors who followed me. I’ve earned two Reliv watches and a Kalogris plaque. I’ve only just begun this journey!” says Carol.

Although she has worked hard to reach her goals, Carol shares the credit with her whole organization. “I have a new family of Reliv people and it keeps on growing!”

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