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My Story: Annie and Angelo Lombardo

A Change of Plans With Reliv

Life has a way of showing us new paths. Such was the case for civil engineers and Reliv Key Directors Annie and Angelo Lombardo of Norman, Oklahoma. They originally tried Reliv for the health benefits. The business came later. “It just happened naturally,” says Panama-born Annie.

In spite of the little time they can dedicate to their business — less than 10 hours per week — the Lombardos have been able to build an organization of about 15 people in their first year. “And our highest commission check was for $1,347.”

The Lombardos had originally planned to retire in about five years. But thanks to Reliv, they’re planning for an even earlier retirement. “We have great hopes that our business will grow quickly. Once I retire, my plan is to dedicate myself fully to Reliv,” Annie says.

Annie and her Venezuelan husband, Angelo, explain that success in Reliv comes from helping others. “We stay close to our new people,” Annie says. “We give them our time to help them establish their businesses.”

They encourage their new people to spend the first few months as Distributors talking to as many people as possible. “We love working with motivated people and watching them soar!”

The Lombardos are soaring as well. “Reliv has won our hearts!” Annie says.

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