My Story: Andy and Tally Johnson

Traveling the Road to Paradise

Reliv Key Directors Andy and Tally Johnson of Paradise, Utah, are on their way to living in paradise thanks to an explosion in their Reliv business.

In July alone, the Johnsons brought in eight Master Affiliates. “We just sponsored our 25th Master Affiliate since we started our business a year ago and we’re getting ready to explode,” Andy says. “Going to the International Conference last year was life-changing. We wouldn’t be doing Reliv today if we had not gone.”

Andy, a dentist, has become quite a talker since he and Tally started their Reliv business. “I’m a quiet person by nature, but seeing the number of people who have had life-changing results with Reliv has driven me to talk to everyone,” he says. “It has been a lot of work, but it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”

The Johnsons have been averaging about $2,500 a month, and they expect that number to grow significantly.

Andy admits he and Tally didn’t use the System or their upline much during the first few months. “The turning point for us came in December,” he says. “We started doing calls with our upline for a week straight. By the end of the month, we had achieved $30,000 in volume and earned a cruise to the Bahamas. Now we ‘lead with the business’ and don’t miss a meeting, training or conference!”

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