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My Story: Amparo Marles

“I was looking for a part-time business opportunity, and just wasn’t getting the support I needed in other companies. Once I attended a Reliv meeting, I joined right away!” says Amparo Marles, whose husband, Jorge, is also in the business.With her Ph.D. in Bioscience, Amparo spent years travelling to teach the Physics of Radiation Therapy. But, she says the time she can spend with her family now is priceless. “I value the freedom that I have now because of Reliv,” says Amparo.

Amparo has her own theory behind the success of Reliv in a difficult economy. “I’ve noticed that people of retirement age are looking for other financial options because in this economy they are struggling to save for retirement,” she explains.

According to the Marles, the best ways to succeed in the Reliv business are to attend conferences and follow up constantly. “Conferences are worth the sacrifice it takes to attend, and I have seen people gain a huge jump in their business as a result,” says Amparo. “Also, follow up with everyone you meet. If you don’t follow up, the opportunity just falls apart,” she adds.

“There have been many times when I could have been discouraged, but I just keep on going! Just like any business, it does require sacrifice, of course, but those sacrifices make the rewards even sweeter! We are working very hard to reach the Ambassador level!”

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