My Story: Aaron Delaronde

From Tragedy to Triumph

In the closely-knit Native American community that resides on the Mohawk reservation in Kahnawake, Canada, news travels quickly. So when word spread of the remarkable physical recovery of Aaron Delaronde, who’d suffered a near-fatal boating accident less than a year earlier, it created a wave of excitement about Reliv that has been building ever since.

“I’d been in a coma for 11 days and had a whole lot of serious health problems,” recalls Aaron, now a Reliv Master Director on the reservation. “But three months after I started on Reliv, I began to see amazing improvements in my speech, memory, physical strength and balance.

“My results got me — and a whole lot of other people — excited to hear more,” he continues. “So I started plugging myself and others into 3-way calls and conference calls with people who’d been helped with Reliv. And over the next year-and-a-half, I put over 40 people on the products.”

Aaron stepped up to the Master Affiliate level in May of 2005, and received a check for CAN $5,200, along with two bonus checks totaling CAN $1,725 and a trip to Bermuda. That opened his eyes. But it wasn’t until he attended a Reliv conference last November that he truly saw the huge potential of the business.

“There are many people in our community who still need Reliv,” Aaron adds. “My goal is to realize my full potential with Reliv by helping others do the same.”

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