My Story: Bobby and Tracee Randall

Reliv — A ‘New’ Family Business

Like many, Bobby and Tracee Randall of Alpharetta, Georgia, came to Reliv for health reasons. “A stranger overheard us talking about our son’s struggle with eczema and invited us to take a look at some products,” Tracee says. “Robby got amazing results and we knew we were on to something special.”

The Randalls became Distributors in April 2007, averaging $1,000 a month. Over the next several months, their monthly income grew to $2,500. And in March of 2008, they achieved second in the nation with $7,800 in income, plus bonuses.

“We’ve had a business for 15 years in the corporate apartment field, but we’re feeling the effects of the economic downturn as corporations cut back,” says Tracee, now a Key Director. The Randalls have committed to replacing the family business with another family business — Reliv. To accomplish that, they make use of Success from Home and, especially, the website. “We bring potential Distributors to the site and take them on a ‘tour’ — it’s a great tool.”

Their formula is simple: work hard to help others and take the focus off yourself and your business. Talk to everyone, listen, really listen and share this great gift. “Do that,” says Tracee, “and you will succeed.”