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My Story: Vicky Owens

Meeting Reliv Founder Clinches Decision

Taking a tour of Reliv Headquarters, where she met Dr. Carl W. Hastings and Robert L. Montgomery, was the clincher for Key Director Vicky Owens, of Fair Grove, Missouri.
“Bob really impressed us,” Vicky says. “He didn’t treat us like we were just one of many Distributors. He treated us like we were the only Distributor. After that meeting, I knew Reliv was a company I could get behind.”
Vicky, who helped her husband run a family-owned commercial printing company for 30 years, became a Reliv Distributor in January 2008 and sees it as an opportunity to help others. Three of her six grown children are also Reliv Distributors.
“It’s thrilling,” she says. “The products are so amazing and easy to share,” she says. “Reliv is something I can do with a true sense of purpose.”
Vicky has Ambassador in her sights, and her early achievements indicate that she is well on her way. In April, she placed 5th in the nation for volume and 3rd for sponsoring. She also earned a Humanitarian Award with 30,000 in volume, and will be one of the select few to visit the private lake estate of Reliv Founders Bob and Sandy Montgomery this fall.
“To reach the level of Ambassador will mean that I have helped even more people!” she says.

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