My Story: Sissi Humphrey

The Sky’s the Limit
Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Key Director Sissi Humphrey has lived in several different countries and held many different occupations. For the past 18 years, she has been a flight attendant for a major commercial airline.
Sissi, who lives with her husband and eight-year-old daughter in Petoskey, Michigan, joined Reliv in January 2008 as a Master Affiliate. After working her business part-time for a year, Sissi applied for an unpaid yearlong leave of absence from her airline job to take a “leap of faith” and pursue her true calling: Reliv.This June, four months after going full-time with Reliv, Sissi’s sales led all U.S. distributors. Her combined sales and bonus income totaled more than $7,000! How did she build her business so quickly?
“I took massive action because I had a sense of urgency to stay home with my daughter.” Sissi says. “I got focused and committed to using every element of the System to put stories in front of people. This made it powerful for the people I was introducing to Reliv because they saw how they could duplicate my actions. While most of my success has come through my centers of influence, I’m creating more activity through newspaper ads, public bulletins, and job and health fairs. The sky’s the limit!”

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