My Story: Sidney Czynski

Reliv Business is “A Lot More Fun!”

Director Sidney Czynski of Lundelein, IL, was not interested in a business. Retired from a 30-year career as an airline attendant, she was physically exhausted. But she decided to try Reliv products for her health. Soon she was able to give up her second morning cup of coffee yet feel more energized than ever.“I like being around people and I’m a very social person, so I started attending Reliv meetings with my friend. After hearing the stories and learning about the business, I began as a Quick Start. Just three months later I had worked my way up to Master Affiliate,” says Sidney, who won a bonus for finishing 15th in the nation in July 2010.

“These days, people are worried about getting scammed with products that don’t work. But when people call to thank me for improving their lives with Reliv, that is just so humbling,” Sidney says. “And I love the fact that I am helping kids around the world through the Kalogris Foundation!”

Sidney appreciates the difference between her current and past careers. “I found my past career physically and emotionally challenging,” she says. “I love the ability to make a difference and work from home. I’m having a lot more fun!”

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  1. Dear Sidney,

    Just wanted to thank you for the information regarding this product. I wish to purchase some asap.. I can not tell you how much your concern is appreciated..

    Health is a gift, that until lost, is sometimes taken for granted. I hope this product is helpful to me. I also have others in mind who could benefit from this product if it works the way it is described.

    Although I would love to attend a demo, it is extremely

    Again, Thank You and I hope to be using this product soon and telling you how much it helped.

    Diane J. Pontarelli

  2. Hi Diane!
    Thank you for commenting on my story! I am looking forward to getting you started on a wonderful path to better health and prosperity. I’ll see you soon!

    Best regards,

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