My Story: Norman and Lorene Helmuth

A Home-Based Business Without a Time Clock

Key Directors Norman and Lorene Helmuth of Livingston, WI, had already been successful with several other businesses before they found Reliv. Norman keeps busy with carpentry and installation jobs as well as auctioneering at farm shows. Lorene cares for their seven children aged two to 15.Although he was happy with his jobs, Norman desired a career that would give him more time with his family. “When we saw our wonderful health results on the products, we knew this could be a great home-based business for us,” explains Norman. “The best part about it would be being able to spend time with our family. I’m not on a time clock, and I always have my family around.”

After starting slowly, the Helmuths found the Reliv Master Affiliate Training schools to be just what they needed to get reenergized. “Our first month we had hardly anything, but in our second month, we attended a MAT school in Chicago. It really made a difference!” says Norman.

“I have never worked a job where there is as much support as in Reliv,” he continues. Between the training and the help of our upline and the whole team, we have been able to succeed. Reliv is the most exciting of all the jobs we do!”