My Story: Lou Ann and Michael Pecorelli

Building a Dream Together
Key Directors Lou Ann and Michael Pecorelli of Orem, Utah, know that running your own business is incredibly demanding. “We operate an auto repair and accessories business,” says Lou Ann. “For 16 years, it’s occupied us 24/7 — we’ve had one vacation in all that time.”
Four years ago, a neighbor introduced the Pecorellis to Reliv. “I’ve always been interested in nutrition,” notes Lou Ann. “Then both Michael and I, and my aging mother, began to get amazing health results. I told family and friends what was happening with us, not even thinking business until I started attending Reliv meetings.”
It was at those meetings that Lou Ann started to dream… of financial freedom, travel and the limitless possibilities of Reliv. “I began averaging $1,200 – $2,000 a month, making lots of calls at work, in the car, wherever and whenever I could,” she says. “I thought I had no extra time in my day, but the beauty of Reliv is that it fits into your schedule. And there’s so much help available, from corporate leaders to all the Ambassadors and Presidential Directors — I just had to follow their success!”
Lou Ann believes the key is consistency. “Don’t think about it — do it and you can participate in this awesome opportunity we have,” she says. “In September, we set our goals high and earned just under $7,000!”

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