My Story: Kelly Frueh

Dreaming of a Debt-Free Life
Kelly Frueh, 25, of Belgrade, Montana, had been getting good results with the Reliv products for two years when she and her fiancé, also named Kelly, learned about the business opportunity from relatives.
After attending an opportunity meeting and hearing more about the Reliv business plan, the two didn’t hesitate to get started. “We’d not been introduced to the business side of Reliv,” Kelly says. “We decided we could do a lot with this business. Our downline is already three levels deep.”
Both are taking steps to build a solid business. The two became Master Affiliates in December 2007 and have already received their first check for more than $400. Their progress has prompted Kelly to quit her job managing storage units to work Reliv from home while offering childcare. The other Kelly currently drives a propane truck, but also dreams of doing Reliv full-time.
“We would really like to be debt-free,” Kelly says. “And some day, we want to buy acreage so we can have our horses nearby.”

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