My Story: Jorge and Amparo Marles

Driven to Succeed
Key Directors Jorge and Amparo Marles of Antioch, California, joined Reliv in order to replace Jorge’s salary. But their goals abruptly changed when Amparo’s job was downsized, and the couple found themselves without her six-figure income.
“We asked ourselves, ‘Where do we want to be in five years?’ and agreed our future was with Reliv,” Amparo states. “That first month of doing the business full-time, we earned over $3,000.
“Two months later, we suffered a very serious financial setback, which made us even more determined to succeed with Reliv,” Amparo continues. “The following month, we promoted nine Master Affiliates and achieved number one in the country in volume — earning just under $8,000!”Amparo credits their success to using the “10-10-10 Rule.” “Talk to 10 people within the first 10 days. Expose them to the System within the next 10 days, replacing those who aren’t interested with new prospects. And by the last 10 days, you’ll have several Master Affiliate candidates,” she states.
The Marles’ goal now is to attend the Presidential Passport Trip to Hawaii as new Presidential Directors. “If we don’t make it, that’s okay,” Amparo says. “Most importantly, we’ll have grown our business — and we’ll be that much closer to our year-long goal of becoming Silver Ambassadors by next International Conference!”

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