My Story: Jen Zehner

New Business-Builder Gets a Running Start With GlucAffect
After just one month as a Reliv Distributor, Director Jen Zehner of Salem, Oregon, has discovered firsthand that the way to jump-start a new business is by sharing the opportunity with everyone. She’s leading with the business, using Reliv’s newest product, GlucAffect, as an entry point. Aware that her grandmother, Marilyn, had recently been diagnosed with diabetes, Jen invited Marilyn — along with her father and sister — to a Reliv Special Event.
“They all started on the products, and my grandmother became a Master Affiliate that same day,” Jen states.
At the top of Marilyn’s list of people to contact about Reliv was her neighbor, Nora, who suffered from neuropathy in her legs and feet, and had already lost a toe as a result of diabetes.
“I set an appointment with Nora, including my upline, so that she could hear the whole Reliv story,” Jen recalls. “And while Nora wasn’t sure about the business at first, she did start on the product right away — and she referred me to her friend, Judy, whom she knew was looking for a business opportunity.
“GlucAffect is so powerful,” Jen adds. “Its results can be proven so quickly that you can literally build a business around it. And with more people than ever in need of this product, I’m really excited about my future with Reliv!”

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