My Story: Gwen and Bud Goodsell

Staying Excited About Reliv

Reliv is something I continuously stay excited about,” says Master Director Gwen Goodsell, of Fredericksburg, Virginia. “When you know you’ve got something exceptional to share, it’s easy to talk about.”

Gwen and her husband, Bud, started their Reliv business just over six years ago. Gwen received positive results with her overall health and has an increased level of energy — after a lifetime of feeling tired and lethargic.

“Now I can live each day to the fullest,” says Gwen, who believes they are truly answering the call to serve others through Reliv. In addition to helping more people than they ever dreamed possible, the two have turned their own future into something much brighter.

“We’d suffered a financial setback several years prior,” Gwen recalls. “It felt like that hole was getting deeper and deeper. Our first check was $350, which gave us hope in a big way. That has now grown to a high month of $7500 and we’re on our way to retiring within the next three years, something we never thought possible. However, we will never retire from Reliv — when you love what you do this much, why would you ever retire?

Making that first call to someone and really taking the time to get to know them is like opening a gift,” she adds. “and the goal is to bring hope where it’s needed and truly make a positive difference in that person’s life.”

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