My Story: Doug and Julie Stout

Tackling Debt, Building a Future
Just three years ago, Senior Directors Doug and Julie Stout of Belgrade, Montana, faced a mountain of medical debt from their son’s lengthy illness.
“We both had good full-time jobs and Doug even took on two extra side jobs, but we couldn’t get ahead,” Julie says. “Plus my older kids had been raised in daycare and I wanted to stay home with our youngest daughter.”
So in May 2006, the Stouts launched their Reliv business and made $500 their first month. Six months later, they faced a crossroads. “We had made $1,000 a month with Reliv, then we slacked off,” Julie recalls. “We could have quit then, but decided to get on the right track by following the Reliv System. It was a turning point for us. Now we regularly make $3,000 a month.”
After their first year in business, Julie was able to quit her bookkeeping job to stay home with her daughter. Within a year and a half, the Stouts had eliminated their medical debt.
Now Reliv is not only earning them money, it’s also saving them money, Julie says. “Because our health is better from taking Reliv products, our own overall medical expenses have decreased from $10,000 a year to just $1,600 a year!”

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