My Story: Bev and Tom Webster

Living and Earning Thanks To Reliv
Master Affiliates Bev and Tom Webster of Topsham, Maine, were reacquainted at their 50th high school class reunion, fell in love and got married. Two years later, the stock market plummeted and most of their retirement assets followed.
Bev, a cosmetologist, and Tom, an accountant, decided to seek part-time work to supplement their income but were unsure of what they might be able to do together. One of Bev’s sons introduced the couple to Reliv and their lives took an unanticipated turn.
“Bev experienced relief from a painful eye problem and daily headaches and has an overall sense of better health,” Tom says. “My cholesterol dropped into healthy levels after 10 weeks on Reliv. Our improved health gave us a new lease on life.”
The Websters became Master Affiliates in April and sponsored four new Distributors their first month in the business earning a $250 bonus. “We began sharing the opportunity and products with everyone we knew,” Bev explains. “Our results gave us passion and the system made sharing easy and fun.”
Working closely with their upline, Bev and Tom are using each aspect of the Reliv System. Bev adds, “We’re reaching for the stars!”

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