My Story: Jen and Jason Arntz

Reliv Freedom Brings a Couple Closer Together

Jason Arntz, 24, was inspired to become a Reliv Distributor in college after witnessing improvements in his mother’s health.

As a college student, however, Jason was initially more interested in having fun than starting a business. “I didn’t really care about nutrition at that point. I think my body’s chemical makeup was basically soda and pizza,” he jokes. For three years, Jason didn’t do much to build his business.

In July 2009, Jason married Jen, 23, and with marriage came a new outlook. “When you start making sacrifices, you find rewards. Eventually, the sacrifices become a joy,” he says.

Then in August, Jason was laid off. He turned to his Reliv business for income. “I sat in a cubicle analyzing auto industry data all day. I wanted freedom to spend more time with my wife,” he says. He and Jen started building the business together, eventually achieving the level of 3-Star Director.

Jason was given his job back, but after a few months, he decided to quit and focus entirely on Reliv. Jason and Jen want to spend more time together on ministry, music and dance. Their eventual goal is for Jen to focus on Reliv full-time as well.

“We have already experienced so much freedom through Reliv and we know the best is yet to come. Reliv is a business of the heart. Every day with Reliv, my vision of freedom becomes clearer,” Jason says.

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