My Story: Paula Kipp

Enthusiasm for Reliv Nutrition is Contagious

These days, Paula Kipp of Staunton, Illinois, can actually get out on the court and play basketball with her children, something the working mother of three would never have dreamed of before Reliv.
“We’d get home in the evening and try to get through as best we could,” she recalls. “Then we’d flop into bed so we could get up and do it all over again the next day. Now, with Reliv, I get up early every morning and stay up late.”

Four years ago, Paula didn’t think she or anyone else in her family needed Reliv, but a co-worker’s enthusiasm for the products was contagious. She gave Reliv a try and soon had her family also using the nutrition.

In addition to more energy, Paula got relief from allergies and the tingling aches in her arms. She’s lost 25 pounds on the Slimplicity® Weight Loss System and is well on her way to losing more.

The kids are also faring well, especially in school. Daughter Hannah is better able to focus and concentrate in class and son A.J.’s behavior improved once he started on the products.

“They can see a difference when they don’t take their shakes,” she says. “They know what this nutrition does for them.”

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