My Story: Linda Pixton

Feeling Younger and Better Than Ever

After staying home to raise her eight children, Linda Pixton, of O’Fallon, Illinois, was pretty excited to be working again.

“At first, it was fun,” Linda says of her job in a maternity clothing store. “I loved helping people look terrific. I knew that when people looked their best, they could focus on more important things.”

But painful arthritis in her feet, combined with an injured knee and hip replacement made it difficult to stand on her feet all day with a smile on her face. She’d collapse when she got home, then struggle to fall asleep.

“I was only 63, but I felt like 93,” Linda says. She got a full night’s sleep after taking just one Reliv shake. Six weeks later, when she realized her pain was easing, she knew she’d be on Reliv for the rest of her life. More energetic than ever, Linda has resumed mall-walking with her husband every morning. But she leaves the mall behind for work at home, where she’s a full-time Reliv Distributor — still helping people.

“I feel terrific!” Linda says.