My Story: Kim McGough

Family Flourishes With Reliv

Kim McGough of Algonquin, Illinois, suffered from acid reflux that was so severe she was happy at first just to be able to take the Reliv products.

“I was born without a flap between my stomach and esophagus, making it impossible to keep down a single vitamin pill,” Kim explains. “After a couple weeks of taking Reliv, I was able to eat and drink things I never could before. And I had so much energy, people actually noticed!”
Kim eventually increased her product intake and noticed even more results. “I stopped having panic attacks and crying jags,” Kim says. “And when my seasonal allergies didn’t show up that first year, that’s when I put my sons on Reliv.“We started seeing amazing results — particularly with my oldest son, Ryan,” she recalls. “After three weeks of taking the products, his teacher called to tell me that he was more focused in school. While he used to be two years behind in reading, he now reads at grade level. He even made the honor roll this year!”

Both of Kim’s children haven’t had the flu in three years, and they recover more quickly after playing sports. “These products have had an amazing impact on my family’s quality of life,” she notes. “For us, Reliv is forever!”

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