My Story: Karen Johnson

Losing Weight the Healthy Way

For 10 years, Karen Johnson of Gilbert, Arizona, tried everything she could to lose weight: liquid diets, pills, meal plans — you name it. The results were always the same: lose about 10-15 pounds and then put it all right back on. “The worst part is that a lot of these diet plans forced me to starve myself,” she says. “I would feel hungry and low on energy all the time.”

On January 4, 2007, Karen discovered Reliv’s new Slimplicity® Weight Loss System. After only six weeks, she shed 25 pounds, and she feels great! “With Slimplicity, you don’t have to deprive yourself of a normal, healthy diet,” she says. “I feel better than I’ve felt in years. I’ve even started exercising again.”

Regaining Confidence
Karen replaces just one meal a day with a Slimplicity shake. Otherwise, she eats as she always has. “The shake is delicious and very filling, and the system’s Accelerator capsules help curb my appetite the rest of the time.

“As a mother of seven and caretaker for my parents, I don’t have time to count every carb or calorie. Slimplicity is doable and sustainable because it’s easy. And it really does work. I’m down two dress sizes and wearing the clothes I want to wear. My self-confidence has never been higher.”