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My Story: Joe Maydak

A New Lease on Life
After four months of suffering from chronic pain, Joe Maydak of Streamwood, Illinois, wound up in the hospital for 10 days. The diagnosis: internal shingles.
“I didn’t have a single lesion on my body, which is why the shingles went undiagnosed for so long,” Joe explains. “The doctors told me that I most likely had developed permanent nerve damage. Just putting on a shirt was painful.”
Joe went home from the hospital with an epidural in his back and prescriptions for pain medications.
“I was taking large amounts of pain relievers every month,” Joe recalls. “I’d essentially become a drug addict. I could barely finish a sentence; I was that ill.”
That was two years ago, before Joe started taking Reliv. “After two weeks on the Reliv products, I was sleeping through the night,” Joe says. “Now, my pain is significantly reduced, and I’ve also experienced relief from hand tremors, memory loss and panic attacks.”
Today, Joe is building a business as a 3-Star Director with Reliv. “I’m certain that I couldn’t have lived much longer the way I was before,” Joe states. “Reliv has given me a new life!”

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