Life After Weight Loss: How to Keep the Scale Steady

You lost the weight you wanted to lose. Hurray for you! Now it’s time for a reality check: your work is not done. From here on, you have to be vigilant so the weight doesn’t make an encore appearance. Sneaking in a midnight snack every night WILL add pounds. Sitting on the couch night after night WILL NOT prevent a belly from making a come back.
You worked hard to lose weight. Now stay in your groove. What got you there will keep you there. As with a car, house or the rest of your body, maintaining something is much easier than fixing it.

Think Positively

Let’s frame the weight issue more positively: Instead of thinking that you’ll have to keep fighting weight gain, think that you’re simply maintaining the status quo, staying where you are. There, doesn’t holding steady seem less exhausting and more doable than “fighting?”

Now that you’re in the right mindset, let’s move on to what it’s going to take to keep the slimmer you you’ve earned. Consider how you need to live. What can you do better? It’s all about lifestyle.

Live the Lean Lifestyle

Make adjustments. You don’t have to give up cookies for life. But you should plan to give up eating an entire sleeve of cookies in one sitting. To maintain your weight loss, you’ll have to continue to watch portions. If you indulge at one meal, cut back at another meal. These are simple strategies that make a lasting difference.
Eat breakfast. People who eat breakfast tend to keep weight from creeping back on. A healthy breakfast with protein keeps you energized and satisfied so you’re less likely to overeat later in the day.
Think calorie control. Meal replacement bars or shakes can help maintain weight loss. Because the calories and portions are controlled, there’s no guess work and no temptation to tack on fettucine alfredo.

Be accountable to yourself. Continue keeping a food journal to make you aware of what you’re putting in your mouth so you can make adjustments as needed and head off any dangerous trends that could lead to sneaky weight gain. Vigilance is key in maintaining weight loss.
Weigh in. Don’t live in denial. Monitor your weight status by weighing in regularly, whether that’s once a day or once a week. You may also choose a specific pair of pants to try on regularly to get a reality check. If needed, nip any weight gain in the bud by cutting back portions and ramping up exercise — before 5 pounds multiplies into 15 pounds, and 15 grows into 30, etc.
Moving is monumental. Exercise needs to be a central part of your new lifelong lifestyle. It’s essential to make weight loss permanent. When you lose weight, you also lose muscle mass. This leads to a slower metabolism, which is compounded by a natural metabolism slowdown with age. To counter this, you need to build muscle through strength training. Aim for at least twice a week on alternating days.

Add aerobic exercise to the mix, too. At minimum, walk 30 minutes a day. But a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows it takes 60 minutes a day of walking or other moderate-intensity exercise to prevent weight gain. If you take it up a notch to running or jogging, then 30 minutes a day is sufficient.

Studies also show people who take 11,000 daily steps (tallied by a pedometer) were more successful at maintaining weight loss than those who just took 5,000 steps a day. So it pays to keep track.

Keep An Ace Up Your Sleeve
Regaining weight is not inevitable. Many people are successful losers for life! And many people have successfully partnered with Reliv’s Slimplicity® Weight Loss System to help them lose weight and maintain their weight loss.
The Slimplicity kit includes a delicious, calorie-controlled meal replacement shake, accelerator capsules to boost metabolism and burn fat, a food and exercise journal, a pedometer to track your steps, nutrition tips and online support.
Once you lose the weight you want, just substitute a Slimplicity shake for one meal a few times a week to help keep your scale steady. Or if you’ve noticed pounds have creeped on, go back to a daily Slimplicity shake for lunch along with accelerator capsules before each meal. These simple steps can help you trim back again. Slimplicity is a flexible, effective plan to fit into your healthier lifestyle at any time.

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