Healthy Stories for a Healthy Business

Jason Reliv Distributors are great storytellers. And to appeal to all people from all generations, a good mix of different types of stories is essential.

We asked Director Jason Arntz of Grand Rapids, MI, to share why it is important to share healthy, active Reliv stories when introducing Reliv to new people. Here’s what he shared.

We are the most overfed, yet undernourished country on the planet. Even people who lead active and healthy lifestyles are most likely not getting the optimum nutrition their body needs to function at the highest level.

That’s why people need to know that Reliv isn’t just for “sick” people. Think about the majority of people who don’t feel sick. Why should they try these products? Sharing stories of improved energy, better performance and overall well-being are much more compelling for many. As Don Gibbons says: “If you take Reliv products, you’ll be healthier than if you don’t.” It’s the truth!

If they feel healthy now, just imagine what they could achieve if they had the best fuel on the planet in their bodies! Prevention is my favorite result on these products. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Team Reliv
Team Reliv puts us in front of more healthy and active people than ever. Whether it’s running, biking or other sports, many of these people have already put healthy life choices into daily habit. Reliv is a simple addition that will help them achieve even more of their health goals. Team Reliv is also a brilliant way to market to these people. Reliv is not just for sick people, but for ALL people, and this is the message that comes across through Team Reliv. “Ready, Set, Reliv, baby!”

Telling My Story

How do I tell my story? I make sure they know how healthy I thought I was. So many of us never knew we could perform so much better on Reliv. Why would I ever go back to running on only four cylinders when with Reliv I can run on all eight? And don’t forget about the financial benefits of prevention. I think of all the money I save by being healthy and active now instead of waiting until I feel broken to try to feel better. So in my experience, no matter how healthy people think they are… “If you take Reliv products… you’ll be healthier… than if you don’t.” It’s the truth!

24K™ goes right along with what I’ve been saying. It’s opening the door to so many people who might have otherwise passed Reliv by. Once this door is open, use the opportunity to share the whole Reliv story, and we can show them how to live the best life they can with Reliv.
The Next Generation of Reliv

For healthy young people we are setting an example and paving the way. They see what happens to their parents and grandparents as they age and want a way to stay healthy.

I believe that the best way to attract the next generation of Reliv leaders is to simply live the life of freedom that Reliv offers. As they hear and experience what Reliv is all about, I believe it will penetrate their hearts just it has mine.

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