Pump Up the Volume!

April MA Cover The most successful Distributors know that two key components add up to success in Reliv. And unlike those complicated equations from algebra class, this one is simple:
Sponsoring + Volume = Momentum!

We should never lose sight of the fact that we are a product-driven business. — Raul and Aurora Paredes

“It is extremely important to focus on both volume and sponsoring to build a solid business,” say Raul and Aurora Paredes, Double Platinum Ambassadors and 2011 PD All-Stars. “We should never lose sight of the fact that we are a product-driven business.” The Paredes have also found that a strong retail business can lead to more sponsoring, since many “convert” to Distributors after being retail customers.

“We practice what we teach and preach. As a result, our Master Affiliates have good volumes as well. Maintenance becomes a non-issue; they get the most out of their business and it becomes a win-win for everyone!” add the Paredes.

Reliv makes volume-building simple, with programs and promotions designed to help you build:

iPad Promo: The Reliv iPad promotion has been extended through April!

Direct Advantage Autoship Program: With Direct Advantage, you can save time and money for you and your customers. Plus, automatically recurring orders means you start each month with “volume in the bank.”

According to Raul and Aurora, 24K is an “added bonus” for volume building:
• It is a product for everyone.
• There’s already a booming market for energy drinks, and Reliv offers a healthy alternative at a competitive price.
• For new people, and those who have said ‘no’ in the past, 24K can be a door-opener to everything Reliv offers. “Plus, our existing customers have also added 24K to their orders!”

Relivables are premium versions of the products your family uses every day. But by purchasing them through Reliv instead of a retail store, you are getting superior quality and creating an additional source of consistent volume. Your downline and customers will love them too!

~As seen in  MA April

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