Promotions Build Business!

Reliv special promotions enable you to earn well-deserved rewards for building your business. And winning a promotional award can give you a great sense of accomplishment and pride. Promotions can also be leveraged as a way to motivate your downline and inspire new growth.

Getting Started
The most exciting and financially rewarding promotion for a brand new Master Affiliate is the Master Plan.

“I love the Master Plan. When we introduce Reliv to someone, we try to paint a picture of the Master Plan. If they come in here, they can start out right away with a $350 bonus,” Presidential Bronze Ambassador Mary Light explains.
Bronze Ambassador Caryn Treister adds, “I had someone who earned the Master Plan and was so excited when she got the bonus check. You explain it to people and sometimes they understand it, sometimes they don’t. But when they see $350 dollars, they understand that!”

Maintaining Momentum
Anything from an iPad to a trip to Los Cabos can motivate a Distributor to move toward the next step in the Reliv business.
“Even if you don’t earn something personally, when another person in the group does, you believe you can do it too,” Mary says. “A new person may not think they can reach Presidential Director, but they can earn the next promotion — it is something that’s doable. Promotions play a key part in keeping people motivated,” adds Caryn. The work put toward reaching a promotion goal will also provide a boost to your business, and that increase can keep momentum going long after the promotion has ended.Cruise Ship

From hanging by the pool to riding the “Aqua Duck’’ water coaster, to breakfast in our Stateroom on our own private veranda — the experience was incredible! It’s amazing that each Reliv trip is better than the last and we feel like part of the best family we could have ever imagined!
— Ambassadors Kevin and Melanie Hinds, Bath, ME

No matter where you are in your Reliv journey, there is a promotion that can help you reach the next step. For a new Distributor, reaching the Presidential level can seem daunting. But with encouragement and rewards to pave the way, the steps don’t seem so far apart. Go for it!

Master Plan — new MAs can earn up to $350 in their first two months
Volume Bonus — top 10 finishers monthly receive a bonus of up to $5,000
Key Director Bonus — reach this level and claim your share of the worldwide bonus pool
New Leader Weekend Retreat — new Senior Directors who qualify earn a trip to Reliv HQ as our special guests
Master Director Bonus — become a Master Director and take home $2,000
Leadership Celebration — reach Ambassador or advance an Ambassador level and earn a trip to Los Cabos
Presidential Passport — if you go PD or if you are already a PD and one of your frontline Distributors hits PD, you’re going to Hawaii

Presidential Bronze Ambassador Mary Light used some creative tactics to earn Reliv’s recent Disney Cruise:
• I contacted my downline to see who was interested in reaching this goal. Then we stayed in contact throughout the promotion to encourage each other along the way.
• I made a graph to track my volume visually. Every time I made an order, I plotted it on my graph. It was exciting to watch it rise! I also emailed the graph to others in my organization so they could track their progress too.
• I displayed Disney items wherever I could — on my desk, posted on the fridge, everywhere! The subconscious reminders I had from seeing Mickey helped keep me on track!

~As seen in MA April

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